SC Board meets

This months South Central School District 401 meeting was held Wednesday October 15.

The board approved the district substitute list as well as the application for the Per Capital Library grant.

In personnel moves, the Board accepted letter of resignation from Derrick Jones as the Middle school Scholar Bowl Coach, appointed Tyler Parker as J.V. and 5th and 6th grades basketball coach, Chris Long as high school girls’ basketball assistant, Kim Major as freshman class and National Honor Society sponsor, Michelle Hawkins as high school Year Book sponsor, Shauna Willman as middle school Scholar Bowl coach and Claire Potthast as junior class sponsor.

The Board also approved FMLA leave for Sue Hawkey.


Lake Land College Honors Program now open to all degree-seeking students

The Lake Land College Honors Program is now accepting applications for the 2014-2015 school year and the program is now open to all degree-seeking students.

“This is an exciting opportunity to expand the scope and reach of the program because until now, associate in applied science majors were not eligible for the program,” explained Maria Boerngen, Honors Program director. “This change brings Lake Land in line with the vast majority of our peer institutions throughout the state.”
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St. Peter Volleyball Alumni game brings past and present players together

IMG_2635Unlike most middle school volleyball teams in our area, the Saint Peter Lady Saints have both a fall and spring season.
The fall season mainly consisting of overnight tournaments with other Lutheran schools around the state, and this year, they started the upcoming year in a new way.  They held an “Alumni Night”.
The idea came from current principal, Mr. Dan Yagow.  ”I learned about the idea when I lived in Champaign, IL. The University of Illinois volleyball team always started their season with an alumni game. It was like a homecoming and reunion combined. I felt that we had a lot of that same volleyball tradition right here in St. Peter, so why not bring in the past players and let our current team appreciate some of the great talent that graduated from our school.”
Mr. Yagow, along with the help of school secretary, Amy Reiss, and current volleyball coach, Megan Murhpree, they contacted as many veteran Saints as they could ranging all the way back to girls from the early 90s.  The current team alongside the alumni, their families, and even some general public made for nearly a full house.


The night started off with a j.v. vs. varsity scrimmage to showcase this year’s team while the fans were able to enjoy concession stands. The twenty-five alumni players in attendance were then brought out to the court to be announced by name and year along with former coaches, Larry Urban and Cassy Chapman.
The main event soon followed with the dividing up of the veterans into two teams to play each other.  A good time was definitely had by all especially the families of the alumni even breaking out some of the old cheers.
Thanks to Mr. Yagow the night was a great success.  ”I thought it was a great community event. Personally, I enjoyed getting to know a lot of the past players who are now young adults or who have families of their own. Any time we can bring the past and the present together, it’s a good thing for the


school. Our current team was a bit intimidated from the past players, but it allowed them to dream a little bit and give them the want achieve to a level of what many of our past teams accomplished.
For example, we have had three state champion teams since 1992. It is not beyond reach that our current players could do the same thing.”

Beatles Tribute Band “American English” returns to Kaskaskia College on October 18

American EnglishIt was 50 years ago this year that a quartet from England captured America by storm and shaped the landscape of music that’s still bearing their fingerprints today.  In honor of that historical performance on the “Ed Sullivan Show”, Kaskaskia College is pleased to welcome back, “American English”.

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South Central salvages third; Peach Night set for Tuesday

For the first time in nearly 20 years of coaching for South Central, Curt Jones was not in a conference tournament championship game. Instead, he took his Cougars to the field to play Neoga in the 3rd place game of the National Trail Conference Tournament.

Dylen Peters finished up a nice Fall season going 7-0 with his 3-0 shutout win on the mound.

South Central dropped a close game to Effingham St Anthony in the semifinals 5-3 after committing 7 errors in the contest. Despite the win on Saturday, the Cougars made another 5. One thing they will have to clean up if they are to fulfill their potential with a deep run this Spring.

Peach Night set for Tuesday

The SC Lady Cougars will partner with the Centralia Annies on Tuesday, October 14th at 5:15 to raise awareness for uterine cancer. The color peach represents Uterine Cancer. This year’s decision to have a cancer awareness game was an easy, but heartfelt one, for the players and parents. Everyone immediately wanted to raise more awareness for the disease and funds for South Central’s long time Hall of Fame coach Mary Brimberry.